OliOli is Dubai’s Happy Place for Kids

I was going through Baby & Child’s Autumn edition and came across OliOli , an interactive play area which opened in mid October. The concept seemed pretty unique and unlike any of the other play areas we’ve been to so I decided to take my 20 month old there today.

It’s an entire building packed with fun. The quality and variety of content that you find here is impressive. Here’s a peek at our day at OliOli.


kids playarea

This is for older kids (like me) but my toddler loved playing hide and seek here. You can sit on the swings around the web or climb into one of the holes and enter it. It’s a maze which I wouldn’t mind getting lost in.

olioli play area

The water area was our favorite. They had all sorts of games there which teaches the little ones physics in a fun way. They have raincoats for kids so that they can go crazy. There’s an area with rain which is so welcoming especially because we don’t get any real rain in Dubai.

oli oli dubai

You might be wondering why there’s a car inside the building. It is in the water area and they have some fun stuff to wash the car with.

Some of the other activities they have are:


An area for toddlers which is very different from the other softplay area’s we have been to. They have tree houses which you can make tents in with cloths and clips that they provide and cushions which turn into sofas.

We went for two hours and I’d say those were two really packed hours. They have other activities too for slightly older children. My toddler is 20 months old so we did not explore everything. Do check it out.

It is aed 120 for 2 hours, aed 150 for 3 hours, aed 60 for children under 2 and aed 40 for adults.

Colic, what’s that?

Ok, so no one told me about colicky babies and then I had one. My cousin mentioned once that her son had gas when he was born and left me a homeopathic remedy that she gave him, which I am so thankful for.

For a week my newborn showed no signs of colic and she was a happy baby drinking her milk and sleeping at night but then suddenly one evening she started screaming and wouldn’t stop. She’d just had her milk so she couldn’t be hungry. I tried rocking her to sleep but she wouldn’t sleep and she kept crying.

colicky baby

Every evening at 6 pm this would start and then it started happening at 4 am and before you knew it, it started happening all the time! We went to the doctor and she said “Your baby has gas” and gave us a medicine called Infacol. Every time she’d have it she’d throw up and it didn’t seem to be helping so I decided to start giving her the homeopathic drops that my cousin gave me. The first night she slept for 5 hours at a stretch. I gave it to her for a few nights but when we went back to the doctor she said not to give her those drops. We got them from the US and they aren’t available in Dubai so the doctor didn’t know what it was. My baby was back to crying all day and all night. Finally after a month of pain for her and misery for me I decided to revert to the drops. Both of us got rest and were able to function properly after that.

Apart from the drops I thought she could be allergic to milk and I was breastfeeding so I turned vegan for 7 months. That seemed to help too. It also helped me lose weight (more details in another post.)

She stopped being colicky after the 7th month so I started having milk and milk products again. I gave her the drops only for 2 weeks but after I turned vegan she stopped being colicky so I didn’t have to give her any.

This is the story of my colicky baby. Now it seems like a distant memory, thankfully!


Stretchmarks and Pregnancy

Everyone kept telling me how stretchmarks were a part of pregnancy and how every mom has them. My mother used vitamin E oil when she was pregnant and did not get any stretchmarks so I had some hope that I wouldn’t get them too. My cousin who had a baby a year before me then introduced me to Mother’s Special Blend which is a skin toning oil with only natural ingredients.

I started using it when I was 4 months pregnant right upto 3 months after delivery and I did not get a single stretchmark.

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Skin Toning Oil Ingredients

  • Coconut Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Vitamin E

No chemicals, perfumes, emulsifiers, dyes or preservatives.
No animal ingredients • Not tested on animals

Note: Always test all products for allergies. Place a small amount inside your elbow area and wait 24 hours. If no rash or reaction occurs then you can be sure that the product is safe for you.

Ingredient descriptions:  GRAS means “generally regarded as safe” by the FDA

Coconut Oil: An excellent moisturizer which serves as a protective layer retaining the moisture within the skin with a long and stable molecular structure. Used in many cosmetic formulations. It has a high content of natural vitamin E and therefore is naturally preserved. No known toxicity. GRAS.

Coconut oil is not only one of the best dietary oils available, it is also one of the best oils available for your skin. In addition to coconut oil softening skin it also protects against damage, promotes healing and gives skin a healthy and more youthful appearance.

Some say coconut oil is the best natural ingredient for skin lotion available. It provides protection against destructive free-radical formation. It can help fight against blemishes caused by aging, over exposure to sunlight and developing liver spots. Skin can sag and wrinkle due to weakening connective tissue – using coconut oil can help keep those tissues strong.

Coconut oil can provide both temporary relief to dry or damaged skin as well as long term healing and repairing benefits. Coconut oil aids in removing the outer layer of dead skin cells, which helps the oil to penetrate into the deeper layers of skin and strengthen the underlying tissues.

Coconut oil will absorb easily, so you can enjoy soft skin without feeling greasy.

Sweet Almond Oil: Natural nut oil high in fatty acids. It is carefully distilled to remove hydro-cynic (prussic acid). It has emollient properties that soften and moisturize preventing water loss (drying) of the skin. It is nearly colorless and odorless. It is non-toxic and absorbs easily into the skin. GRAS

Cocoa Butter: A solid fat obtained from roasted seeds of theobroma cocoa. It is used as an emollient which softens and conditions the skin. Melts at body temperature and solidifies at 72*. No known toxicity. GRAS

Vitamin E: (Tocopheryl acetate). An anti-oxidant in baby preparations, deodorants and other grooming aids. It is obtained by the vacuum distillation of edible vegetable fats and helps to form normal tissue cells. It protects fat and collagen in the body’s tissue from breaking down. GRAS

Image result for mother's special blend

It smells nice too so it didn’t add to my nausea. I used it twice a day once after my morning bath and once before I went to bed. It helped prevent dry itchy skin yet it wasn’t oily enough to seep through my clothes. This is a preventive measure for stretchmarks so I suggest you start using it when you’re pregnant as I don’t think it removes any stretchmarks that you may already have!

Maternity ward

If you’re a mom you won’t need me to expand the acronym FTM.

Those 9 months were perhaps the last when you decided when you’d sleep and wake up. My friends who were already mums told me to enjoy my last few months of uninterrupted sleep and at the time I thought they were being dramatic. Now I know better.

I read a book on hypnobirthing before going into labour and it helped, I didn’t have to have an epidural. Well, that was actually because the doctor said I wasn’t still enough for it.

Hours of labor pains later she was born. The most perfect creature I’d ever laid eyes on and my reaction was oh shit! The doctors and nurses got really angry that I said that and I’ve never used that phrase since.

I thought a natural delivery meant going home the next day, which is why I went through it but then I heard about bilirubin! Her bilirubin levels were high so we had too spend 6 days in the hospital. I thought they were trying to trap us there and all sorts of weird thoughts leptospirosis popping up. We didn’t have balconies and the windows didn’t open so we weren’t getting any fresh air so one night when my mother was in the hospital I tried running away for just 10 minutes so that I could get a bit of fresh air. I was caught by a security guard and sent back to the room.

We didn’t get a private room because of high demand-low supply so I was sharing the room with 3 other women whose babies had high bilirubin levels too. There were 4 screaming babies and 4 exhausted mothers in that room and no one really bonded over that.

Finally after alot of crying, pleading and shouting (by me) we were sent home. And I got to sniff that fresh air that I so missed.